Lesbos Island at North-East Aegean of Greece is really a big island and if you stay a few days you cannot see all the beauties, minimum stay 14 days to go around all the amazing places. So we suggest you to visit some interesting places that you can include into your daily excursion.

Plomari is the “Homeland of Ouzo” famous for the production all over the world.
The Ouzo of Plomari is the most famous product of the island.

3km from Frini Studios Hotel you will find Ouzo of Plomari Isidoros Arvanitis Museum “The World of Ouzo”. Celebrating more than 120 years of history and tradition, the distillery opened its gates to the public inviting ouzo lovers to visit its facilities and “live” a unique experience for all the senses.

On walking distance from Frini Studios Hotel visit the treasure of Plomari, the Ouzo Barbayannis Museum and learn everything about the 150-year tradition of the family in the production of ouzo.

Do not miss the chance to visit Tarti in just 30min drive from Frini Studios Hotel located near Gulf of Gera in the southern part of the island in Plomari opening to North East Aegean Sea. It's a beautiful wide beach with crystal clear water, sandy beach combined with fine pebbles which lies at the foot of a green hill. On the beach you will find for free sun beds & umbrellas. Restaurants are just above the beach to enjoy the seafood of the island from the local fishermen! Special tip try grilled Magιatiko (amberjack)!.

You can visit the Petrified Forest Natural History Museum .
It is one of the most important and rare monuments of geological heritage not only of Greece but in the world. People go there to admire that or to make some specific projects. It is about 20.000.000 years old and is the result of a strong volcanic activity that happened a long time ago at the area of Aegean.

Nature donated the area of Kalloni in a magical way with special gifts. A visit to it can persuade you. Its beauty is due to the gulf of Kalloni – the gulf has the same name- and the grassy plain that is around. You never forget the Kalloni's beaches with the hot green water.

Bird watching at the golf of Kalloni is an activity that attracted a lot of fans last years. Kalloni gulf's wetlands are very interesting. It is considered that more than 250 species of birds stay in the area. These are watched not only by the scientists but also by the lovers of nature.

You can also discover the traditional village of Agiassos a few km from Frini Studios Hotel. It was built in the North east side of Olympus's foothills. The traditional three storey houses with the closed balconies standing on the stone paved alleys of the village creating an extremely nice picture. The grassy view creates an idyllic image.

The Gulf of Gera is located in a wonderful area and around it you can see vast forests with olive trees and traditional settlements. This gulf with its endless beauties is suggested for a tour. Gera is a special place particularly for the lovers nature because of the constant changes of views and the natural abundance. Special tip visit the entrance of the bay!

Polichnitos Hot Springs at Vatera are very famous for its curative effect, the main reason why many people come and visit Lesvos. You can visit, enjoy and experience from near these facilities by learning more about the influence of these special waters to our health!

The ruins of ancient Mithymna or Molivos Castle are located at a small peninsula in the north coast of the island. Meet with the ancient city that was founded at the end of Bronze Age when the Aeolians arrived to the island. Till today, a part of pier of the ancient port and some parts from the aqueduct of the Roman period is saved. Mithymna or Molyvos is one of the most important preserved settlements of North-East Aegean Sea that’s why you have to visit it!

Mitilene’s Castle is one of the biggest and most powerful castles of North-East Aegean Sea. It is built on a hill between North and South port of the city. The building started at the Byzantine period and has finished at the beginning of 14th century. This castle is said to be constructed on the ruins of ancient acropolis. The excavations brought to the light, findings that suppose to belong at the ancient period and some building ruins of Medieval period. It deserves to be visited!

You can also visit the Museum of Theofilos. This important painter was coming from Mitilene. The house that he lived is now at the area of ‘Varia’ and it acts like a museum. You can admire some of his typical pieces of work of this great painter from Lesvos island. His work was recognized after his death.

Lesbos island has a lot of Significant Monasteries that deserves to be visited. We will suggest you some of them that attracts thousands of pilgrims every year.

First of all you can visit Agios Raphael Monastery of Lesbos located at the village of Piryoi Thermis. It is built at the top of a hill in a wonderful area. The Monastery’s history starts from the Byzantine period. Sometimes was destructed from the enemies but was rebuilt.

The monastery of the Archangel Michaelalso known as Taksiarhis or The Commander of Lesvos Monastery on Tripadvisor is located at the village of Mantamados. This Monastery is one of the most important monasteries of the island. It is a byzantine monastery that was destroyed sometimes in the past. The icon of Archangel Taksiarhis is saved from the 17th century and is considered Miracle worker.

The Monastery of Moni Limonos or Agios Ignatios is located at Kalloni and is one of the most marvellous monasteries of the island. It was founded in the middle of 15th century and it has a rich library with a lot of Christian artefacts that really deserves to be seen.

You can light a candle at the Church of Agios Ermolaos at the region of Palaiokipos, at the area of Gera. It was founded in 1795 according to the inscription at the top of the entrance at the same point that before, there was another church of the old christian period. The wooden temples of the church is very impressive and is considered as one of the most beautiful wooden temples of the churches of the island.The memory of the Saint is celebrated on July 26th. According to some of the later pirate Hayreddin Barbarossa was born in Palaeokipos. It is rumored to be descended from the family of Rouggos.

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