Plomari it is the second biggest town of Lesbos Island after Mytilini (Mytilene) which is the capital of Lesbos Island.
Plomari is a town that has everything. Historical monuments, natural beauties, wonderful beaches, shopping centers, nightclubs, tavernas, restaurants etc.

Plomari is at the South area of the island, 42 km away from Mitilene (Mytilini).
It has an exceptional combination of the mountain and the sea. The pineforests, the olive trees and the gold or pebble beaches attract the lovers of mountains and sea.
Everybody can make a special activity that he really likes.

Plomari is characterized as a traditional settlement. As you are making your tour you can see old manors with beautiful gardens, traditional paved paths that drives you not only to the old neighborhoods but also to the modern buildings.
Overthere you can visit the monuments of the area that denote the glorious history:
The old Soap Factory that nowadays functions as a Cultural Centre, the Church Museum and the Folklore collection with unique exhibits.

Plomari is the“Homeland of Ouzo” famous for the production all over the world.
The Ouzo of Plomari is the most famous product of the island.

Ouzo of Plomari Isidoros Arvanitis Museum “The World of Ouzo”Museum is located in a beautiful olive grove in the picturesque village of Plomari, Lesvos. This is the place where Ouzo Plomari was created in 1894 by Isidoros Arvanitis and where it is still produced to this day. Celebrating more than 120 years of history and tradition, the distillery “opened” its gates to the public and inaugurated the Ouzo Museum “The World of Ouzo” inviting ouzo lovers to visit its facilities and “live” a unique experience for all the senses.

Ouzo Barbayannis factory is worth visiting. Also, the Museum of Barbayannis where you can see the factory of Plomari ouzo with it's special exhibition and museum. You can take important information about the production of the most famous Greek drink.

While staying at Frini Studios Hotel at Plomari you can swim in-front at the almost private beach of Plomari Beach Saint Isidoros although we suggest you swim at the wonderful beach of Agios Isidoros that is about 800m away from us, “Plakakia beach” at least 100m from us or Ammoudeli in about 1km.
Also you can visit the Melinda beach which is considered as one of the best beaches in the area.
The shadow of the trees touches the beach making wonderful images. This beach is ideal for families and the people that avoid the crowded beaches.

Starting from the Frini Studios, you can visit the traditional villages of the area around. For example by visiting Paleohori, Neohori, Akrasi, Plagia, Tarti, Melinda and Vatera, you never forget these special places fort he rest of your life. Especially if you can visit Megalohori that is a highland village, at high altitude of 650m, 9km from Plomari. Megalo-hori (Megalo = big/ hori= village) as it’s name implies is the biggest village of the area. Keeping it’s traditional colour and because of the verdant Nature that is around, the visitors admire it. As you are making your tour at Lesvos Island you get impressed from the rich flora of this island. The plentiful vegetation with pine trees, chestnuts, walnuts and olive trees will fill your look with plenty shades of green. The blooming from unusual flowers fills the ‘palet’ of colours in a unique way. Cyclamens, wild orchids decorate this fantastic panorama.

If you are wondering about the entertainment we promised you, there are many options. At Plomari you can find tavernas, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. A lot of shops to make your shopping and whatever you want.

In summer time at Plomari, a lot of festivals with live music are organised which is aimed at allowing the visitors meet with the local culture of the area. At the begining of August the most interesting festival for the natives and foreigners is the Festival of Ouzo.
This festival lasts from 3 to 5 days and you can see a traditional way of amusement with local dancing and music groups.
Also you can taste plenty of ouzo for free from the local Ouzo Factories and appetisers made from pure materials of Mytilene. For example you can taste natural olive oil of the island, delicious cheeses and our olives. Also you will dance and sing with us. These kind of traditional festivals with live music are organised every Friday at Platanos area and not only.

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