Lesvos island or Mitilini is an exceptionally gifted place- we call the island “Mitilini” because it’s the capital of the island.
Not only because it has a great history into the times but also has a lot of natural beauties.
Lush mountains, “gold” or pebble beaches and magic gulfs.

Lesvos island is the third biggest island of Greece after Crete and Evia. It is at the North Aegean islands between of Chios and Limnos and very close to the Turkish borders and it’s areameter is about 1630 square kilometers.
It is a big island with a lot of pine and olive trees that attracts every visitor.

Lesvos island’s long date history is placed at the important sites so that everybody making the tour on the island can see it.
The archeological sites, the magnificent castles, the monasteries and the churches, the traditional arcitectured villages, proving the imortant historical sides of the island.

Meeting with Mitilini the capital of the Lesvos island will captivate you. Because it combines the traditional and the modern side of the island in harmony and comfortable way.
Mitilini was built no the southeast part of the island in an amphitheatrical design around from the port. It has an aristocratic image because of the traditional architecture of the old city, its commanding modern classic manors and its archeological sites.

The trademark of Mitilini is the Byzantine castle that is founded in the eastwards of the city. It was built from the
Byzantine emperor Iustinianus on ancient ruins.
Mitilini is a modern city that is not jealous of every big city. The nightlife is so furious and can satisfy everybody.

Lesvos island is famous for its traditional products. It is the homeland of ouzo that's why do not forget to taste this pure greek drink from it's source!
At our island you can find also prime olive oil and cheeses.

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